Tuesday, November 10, 2009

TWD: Cran-Apple Crisp

Since joining Tuesdays with Dorie and starting this blog, I have gained 6 lbs. I have a gigantic sweet tooth and having all of these goodies in the house means trouble. I have made a promise to myself to only make these recipes when I actually have someone (preferably, many people) to share them with.

This Cran-Apple Crisp was a breeze to make and tasted delicious. I made it before I had to head out to an organizer meeting for a local Mom's group I belong to. Although I didn't have any at the meeting, everyone gave it rave reviews. I was hoping to get mine home and have it with a little vanilla ice cream, but I didn't get home until late. Since I just couldn't wait until tonight to try it, I had a little bit this afternoon...so much for self control. The topping is delicious and the cranberries provide a nice, tart addition to the mix. Hopefully my husband feels the same way about it so it is all gone by tonight!


  1. Glad you liked it! I'm making that next week :) This week I did the cookies and they rocked!

  2. They look good. Depressing about the weight gain. Maybe it won't hang around long.

  3. The browned crisp on top looks perfect.

    Yep, weight gain. Too many sweets. Too much fun to give it up.

  4. Wow, that crumb topping looks fabulous. I hear you about self-control, I have none.